What is the right Data Backup Solution for Your Business?

On the surface, we all acknowledge that we should be backing up our organization’s data. However, there are a surprising number of businesses that are not doing this; not regularly, not securely, or not at all. We encounter companies all the time – and these aren’t small companies, either – who are backing up data to an external drive and taking it home with them, or worse yet, not backing up data at all. Pretty shocking, isn’t it. Is that your organization? Are you wondering how to get started and what options you have?

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Everyone says you need to be in The Cloud. But why? And how? CloudSAFE can help you determine what that means to your company and the best way to get there. The Cloud can be a powerful tool. It provides flexibility, security, capacity and it’s cost effective, enabling you to avoid capital investment. But the question remains, what is right for your company? Contrary to popular opinion, The Cloud is not one size fits all. CloudSAFE has a broad range of solutions and services focused on IT Business Continuity and Infrastructure as a Service.

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