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We've all used USB Thumb Drives / Memory Sticks. In fact, you probably have a few in your desk drawer or computer bag. And, if...

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Ask yourself these questions – If your data center crashed at this moment (for any reason)…

  • How would your company recover?
  • ...

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Is it surprising to know that over 90% of all information security incidents are the result of human error? Whether the root...

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Effective change management is required to ensure the integrity of the IT operational environments and an outsourced DR...

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As many of you have read or heard in the news recently, the Meltdown and Spectre vulnerabilities are a large concern for many...

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PRWEB July 14, 2017: Migrating to the public cloud can be a significant challenge for organizations with existing...

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Another global cyber attack is all over the news today. I'm sure you've heard or read about it. Petya, or NotPetya as security...

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Tags: Cyber Security, Disaster Recovery, Data Backup and Recovery

An article printed in CIO magazine last summer entitled “8 ingredients of an effective disaster recovery plan” by Jennifer...

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Many seasoned system administrators have found them themselves in tough places when trying to recover system images and data....
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Recently, we have seen several instances when IT failed both customer and business expectations, the most visible being...
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“Cloud vs. On-Premises is hotly debated within corporate environments everywhere, but CloudSAFE made the decision easy for...

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