A 5-minute Tour of Application Virtualization for Growing Businesses

XenApp GuideMost growing businesses are realizing the advantages of using cloud-based business applications. They’re using apps like ShareFile and Asana to coordinate their projects and accelerate their workflows.

These businesses have seen all the different ways that cloud apps make it easier to collaborate, in addition to how much easier the cloud makes it to use technology. They also know the five big wins of an optimal cloud solution:

1. Lower costs
2. Tighter security
3. Less administration
4. Greater agility
5. Easier mobility

What a lot of these businesses haven’t done, however, is move all their apps to the cloud. This is usually because they don’t realize how easy it is to do. They haven’t heard that apps not originally designed to live in the cloud can move there any time – without hassle or disruption.

That process is known as app virtualization.

It helps you ‘cloudify’ the apps that live either in your server room or on your team’s individual computers. It’s a straightforward solution that gives you all the benefits of cloud apps in one go.

Here’s how it works.

  • Easy, remote access from any device

Instead of one of your team needing their own laptop to use their version of an app – say, Skype – they can use the app from any device, wherever they are.

All their settings and history persists. Leaving a laptop on the train or dropping a cup of coffee onto a keyboard suddenly becomes an inconvenience rather than a week-defining mini-drama.

  • Flexible application management

Instead of IT people installing app updates on everyone’s computers one-by-one (as users sit there fiddling thumbs), your business can control all updates from one central interface.

Better yet, all of the traditional application management can be handled for you by an IT service provider. They’ll host your apps on your behalf, enabling you to turn cloud unfriendly products into usable ones.

  • Security that works way harder

Your IT service provider (of course we hope that’s us) will secure the virtual environment for you. That means you can safely give any contractor or freelancer access to your apps. Since the apps will be cloud-hosted, you’ll have a reliable back-up for disaster recovery.

So even if someone does drop that cup of coffee on the keyboard, or experiences a momentary lapse of concentration on the train, you can get them back up and running on a new device without disruption.

  • Redirecting resources

Application virtualization ensures that you and your users don’t need to worry about managing dozens of copies of apps on dozens of different devices – it’s all centrally managed so that you can redirect time and resources back to the stuff your business is really about.

Application virtualization – the right solution for growing businesses

It’s hard to underestimate the importance of business applications. They’re the foundation on which most fast-growth companies are built and one of the most important drivers of global wealth in the past decade.

Here’s the really exciting thing about them: they’re getting better all the time. Smart people in every industry are constantly creating new ways to help businesses run more productively and efficiently.

These apps can be even more effective and useful to your company when they’re kept in the cloud. It’s why application virtualization makes so much sense for growing businesses.

XenApp is the best application virtualization solution around. It can help – enabling your business to become more productive and efficient while redirecting time, resources and energy away from IT. In short, you can start doing what you got into business to do.

Read our mini-guide to get all the details on how XenApp can help your business.

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