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Aras Corp completes a smooth transition to CloudSAFE® IT

aras-logo.png“Cloud vs. On-Premises is hotly debated within corporate environments everywhere, but CloudSAFE made the decision easy for Aras”, said Mark Beaulieu, CIO and VP of Technical Services at Aras Corp. “Our IT environment was at capacity and unable to service the increasing demands of our business. It was very difficult to forecast CAPEX and OPEX requirements for an IT refresh due to our rapid growth. I was spending too much of my time trying to keep things running smoothly for our organization.”

Through a series of phased releases, CloudSAFE successfully migrated all production applications and data for Aras Corp to CloudSAFE® IT hosted private cloud. Like most companies, Aras had insufficient resources for effective disaster recovery, and the IT infrastructure had several single points of failure. Since migrating to CloudSAFE’s hosted private cloud with Managed Care, Beaulieu can now focus most of his time on revenue-producing activities for this fast growing PLM software company and implement new features and capabilities for customers, partners, and internal users.

“The flexibility is huge for us,” said Beaulieu of CloudSAFE® IT. “We can add and decrease capacity as needed, and we are able to service the IT needs of the entire organization with only one Aras FTE, thanks to the expert staff at CloudSAFE.” he added.

CloudSAFE® IT provides Aras with a comprehensive IT as a Service (ITaaS) solution:

  • Business critical application delivery infrastructure, including the website and ftp site
  • Rapid compute and storage provisioning “on-demand”
  • Geographically dispersed Active/Active Datacenters with continuous Live Volume replication and data encryption at rest
  • Managed Firewall at each location for data encryption and secure VPN for remote and mobile users
  • 24/7/365 Level 2 & 3 technical support by the well-trained and experienced CloudSAFE staff
  • Scheduled operations and performance reviews
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